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Flash Photography:

We utilizes many different photographic techniques to showcase you property in the best light possible, but what we do better than any one else in our field is flash photography. We benefit from extensive practical experience with many years photographing portraiture to incorporate the use of many lights to produce a three dimensional look. It conveys an emotional, almost sculpted look to our photos, setting your property apart from all the others.
Camera Flash Example

HDR Fusion:

We also utilize a special photographic technique, HDR Fusion. This technique uses multiple photos taken at different exposure values and blend them together in a natural way. This allows our production team to produce a final image that looks exactly like our eye sees the scene. The nine exposures below have been combined to create the Pole Aerial Photo seen below.
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Pole Aerial Photography:

We elevate our cameras up to 25 feet to provide a unique view of your property. This enables us to showcase how your property interacts with the surrounding landscape and environment. The feel is more about the whole property not just the front of the structure.
Camera off the ground by 20 feet
Some photographers will say that a typical photo slideshow with the Ken Burns effect added is a virtual tour. We just call it a slideshow. While this is effective, a Virtual Tour shot by us is a just that. A virtual walk through allowing you to see all angles of each room including the ceiling and floor. The tour includes "hotspots" that allow the viewer to maneuver from room to room or floor to floor.

Custom Built Home Tours:

A online tour that can be fully branded or non-branded for an agent that is comprised of photos, panoramic images, property descriptions, videos, maps, school information, pricing details, viewable property flyer, and is sharable with social media sites.